About Roboqube

RoboQube Technologies Pvt. Ltd., established in 2016 is a leading firm in the training of robotics and drone education. We strive for the knowledge and information driven skill learning and development of multi-disciplinary students, with a sole purpose to facilitate students with the knowledge of advancing technology around us.

We are a team with a sound technical background, with specialized skill in area of robotics and drone teaching, providing multiple methods of teachings for students from primary till graduation, as per their interest. We strive to induce competitive learning by hosting multilevel competitions, where the front-runners gets the opportunity to share the same floor with competitive students around the world, at National and International championships.

RoboQube Tech. is a project-oriented educational initiative that organises events for students belonging to all ages and all sections of the society to bring all of them together under one roof of unlimited learning opportunities.

We firmly adhere to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles,which are the building stones for future technological advancements. RoboQube Tech, is a home to students to unleash their full potential by creating a pathway to explore their imagination and their personal development to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

At RoboQube Tech, we target student’s in-depth knowledge and their power to analyse by nurturing their understandings, starting from the basics. The teaching and training of each module is tailored and designed into a 3 step process involving:

  • Designing
  • Programming
  • Execution

In the 21st century, with a rapid increase in diversity and awareness among students, it is necessary for the students to evolve in order to accommodate the new technologies towards their own future development. This is a situation that has evolved over the year’s not just coz of one country or few engineers, it is a combined effort of all the expertise in the respective fields throughout the world working towards ease of life and development of society.

By taking a fresh look at Robotics and Drone technology as an educational and entertaining medium, we at RoboQube Tech, strive to guide the creative little minds to learn and play with the new technology, as they are the key to the further development of our society.



  • To provide a medium for younger generation to explore the possibilities in the field of Robotics and Drone Technology through workshops, trainings and national and international competitions.
  • To guide students to realize their creativity potential in the field of science and technology, to expand their social, intellectual and problem solving skills.
  • To foster the development of the students by making learning - a passion and participation - a key to success.
  • To provide trainings of highest standard at an affordable price for all.


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Our Awesome Team

RoboQube Tech, is an outcome of unique visionary individuals from diverse fields, with a common passion towards Robotics and Drone education.


Mohammad Abdul Khayyum Executive Director

Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering.An Entrepreneur with an aim to expand the reach of technology to rural India.


Shrikanth N Vice President (Technical)

Post Graduate in CIM from NIT.Believes Technology is the direction of life.


Nikhilesh Reddy KalluriBusiness Development Head

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering.Mastermind behind Execution.


Keshavendra N BVice President (Operations)

Graduate in B.A - Economics.Specialize in Public Relations.


Keshavendra N BVice President (Operations)

Graduate in B.A - Economics.Specialize in Public Relations.